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Strobe - Gone
Strobe - Gone - Mix

.mp3    Strobe - Gone - Mix 1.0.mp3 --  (Download: 8.24 MB)

Very creative mix. I like the guitar in the beginning, nothing fancy, just dark strums, but it seems to get the sadness across better to me. I like what you did with the hats. I think your kick is a bit loud, relatively, taking some sustain away from the bass, same with the claps (a bit loud). Back the kick off a bit and the sustain in the bass will poke out, maybe you'll have more headroom and possibly wider mix. The louder kick also makes your chorus drops less powerful bc the kick, by nature, is short and snappy, that's loudness not power, imo. Power comes from the combination of both kick/bass (the sustain) in as close to perfectly balanced levels (frequency+volume) as humanly possible. That is the holy grail we're all looking for. The toms sound distorted, not sure you wanted them that way. Distortion tends to smear the attack of instruments. You lose some of the attack from the toms, making them less impact, imo. I think your bass (on the higher end ~900Hz-1.5kHz) is competing with the vocal holding it back. A small cut around there should allow the vocal rise a bit higher and float on the mix. I sometimes just shorten the attack on the offensive instruments and see if the other one pokes out. If not, I guess there is always an EQ within arm length distance, right? Mix on! Cheers!