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Who I am - HbGuitar
My version of this "classic"

I loved the "old timey" backing harmony track so I've gone a little "o brother where art thou" and tried to bring them forward, Soggy Bottom Boys style, without overwhelming the lead vox

Thanks for listening

.mp3    Who I Am_Mix_01.mp3 --  (Download: 7.13 MB)

An excellent movie with a great soundtrack! One of my favorites.

I like your approach to the BGs, but your mix needs a little shine up top and more low end energy. I loose the definition in all those string instruments with everything crowded into the mid range. Good verb and balance between instruments though. I enjoyed it.
Hey ridgybeatle, Thanks for taking the time to listen to my mix and for your comments.

I totally agree with you. All that balancing of vocals, guitars, fiddles, dobros etc in the mid range starts playing tricks on my ears - I think I start imagining bottom end that isn't really there

A couple of weeks ago, someone else mentioned that another of my mixes was mid range heavy, and in fact, I was playing with the EQ balance on this mix a few days ago but hadn't decided on final settings.

Anyways, new mix version with a couple of dB shelf boost across top and bottom.


.mp3    Who I Am_Mix_02.mp3 --  (Download: 7.13 MB)

This sounds bigger! I can hear a lot more - it also has more width. Nice!
(19-02-2014, 02:20 AM)ridgybeatle Wrote: This sounds bigger! I can hear a lot more - it also has more width. Nice!

Thanks...glad you liked it....amazing what a small EQ re-balance can acheive.