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my take on Still Flyin
I dig the preview mix (noting that it's too limited overall), yet the snare sound... to me it just sounds like a pimped, really punchy, glorified cardboard drum: "pof, pof, pof" (not sure how this translates inside english speakers heads) with some highs thrown in. Anyways, it's common in this genre, so nevermind me.

I took some liberties in the soft passage: soaked it in reverb, flanged the clean guitars... The band could despise it and I'd understand. Nonetheless I like what I did.

Oh, the vocal tracks, such a mess... I took my time sorting them out prior to mixing, really helped me out. I'd suggest doing it too, if you haven't begun.

Not sure what else is worth mentioning. Hope you enjoy it! : )

.mp3    Still Flyin 2.1.21.a.mp3 --  (Download: 10.39 MB)