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My mix 'VMGY - Equilibrium'
My new mix.

.mp3    VMGY - Equilibrium.mp3 --  (Download: 11.56 MB)

Hi Andrzej!
In my opinion toms are too loud and cymbals too bright and harsh. Nice bass!
Hi mike84.

Thanks for listening to my mix. I decided to present a new version of this piece. I lowered the toms and cymbals level. I present my two new mixes.
Hey Andrzej, i love those toms! They sound like a machinegun. Nice mix, not perfect for me but very good. I think what was bugging me a tinybit is that the lowend in the guitars are very distorted in a way that make them a bit sluggish. I think equing a tiny lowmids away and adding a tiny bit topend or like mostly 3k and up would make them cleaner, am i right? Anyway cool mix, i like the contrast with alot being dry except for the elements that are screaming for wettnes, like the solo, makes it super deep feeling it is comming out of the valley.