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My mix 'River Of The White Gloom'
My new mix.

.mp3    River Of The White Gloom (v1).mp3 --  (Download: 8.89 MB)

Thanks for comment. I changed my mix. This is a new version.
Hi Andrej.You have left and right balance problem.Right side is more weight than left.Did you pan your instruments hardly ? You need some glue because mix elements are in the different athmosphere.Guitars are very loud and lead vocal is very low and a bit low mid boosted.There is a bit distortion in your high frequencies .Did u use distortion plugin or over eq to shine the instruments I dont know .Bass guitar needs more low end to drive the song and it does not fill the hole of the guitars .Hope that helps.
Hey Andrezej, i like this mix, cool upfront loud and dry Smile As mentioned maybe tiny left and right issues but i like this kinda things, makes it feel not so stale sort of.