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SuchFinePeople mix
Hi folks! Check out my mix pls! =)


.mp3    SuchFinePeople.mp3 --  (Download: 8.24 MB)

Hey Julia, that's a really nicely balanced mix! I really don't have much to say about it - feels really good. Low end is tight but not overwhelming, you chose to feature the bass over the guitars, which is a completely valid choice. Vocal is nice and upfront. You also featured the sound effects a bit more prominently than I did in my original mix, which gives it a more dramatic vibe. All elements have a place in the mix, not only frequency wise but also in terms of front-to-back depth.

If I'd want to be super nitpicky, I'd say it's a tiny bit boomy. Maybe the kick and bass together could profit from some gentle tightening up, either in the mix itself (maybe sidechain ducking the bass when the kick hits) or on the master using transparent single band compression or using multiband compression on the low band.

This might be the best mix I've heard so far!
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Thank you for the feedback! It's important to me. Blush