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EnDance master
Here's a master of EnDance.  The original was really loud,  pushed well beyond the point of the limiter breaking up.  The tonal-balance was very boxy too and the sound-stage was really narrow.   I've tried to make the mix sound open and less muffled, particularly in the low-end, which was pretty lacking in the original version, but also sounded very "lumpy",  particularly the upper-bass.  I've mastered this about as hot as the original,  and personally, think it sounds way over the top,  but still easier to listen to compared to the original (imho).  It should have had 4db less gain tbh,  but I just matched to the original.  The balance between elements is roughly the same, but had to do quite a lot of EQ to make it sound acceptable to me, so this has modified the balance a bit (maybe improved / maybe not).. though I think the trade-off was worth it.

Anyway, all comments welcome Smile

.mp3    EnDance.mp3 --  (Download: 7.75 MB)