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Robert Hammon-The Elephant Dadayants emomix
Rolleyes  hello 
my mix
In the second version did Gtr adjustments only

.mp3    Robert Hammon-The Elephant (Dadayants mix).mp3 --  (Download: 11.16 MB)

.mp3    Robert Hammon-The Elephant (Dadayants mix_2).mp3 --  (Download: 11.16 MB)

Nice job! A couple comments:

I think your synth has more low end than the bass guitar, so the bass guitar is feeling a bit anemic as a result. I'd recommend taking some of the low end of the synth and then trying to match your bass and kick to each other so they sit nicely. Also, I like your kick, but the snare and toms are jumping out of the mix a bit. I think they might benefit from some more (or different) compression, and a slight lowering of volume.

I'd like to hear the vocals be more of the main focus -- they're there, I can hear them, but they feel like they could use a little sweetness to make them really grab the listener.