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Eduard Semenov 'Big Man's Death'
i´m new here, and i´ve problems to download the files. the download always stopp at 19,7 Mb.

greetz from germany

I've just tried the download myself.  It stopped at 20mb on the first go, but did download fine on the 2nd attempt.

Might be worth giving it another go. 

Is it working ok for you too now or are you still having issues with it?

Actually, scratch that, I've spoken too soon - it has only downloaded  111 mb of what should be 185.

Seeems there is still an issue somewhere.

i tried mozilla and chrome. other files works fine
still issues. i tried to restart the download a few times, but it´s always the same. chrome stopps at 19.7 and mozilla at 20.7 Mb


Yeah - there is definitely an issue.

On the download page it says the file should be 135mb...

I am trying it again in Firefox. Firefox states that it is expecting 107mb this time... Last time it downloaded 111mb or so....

it show me the same.

thanx for your help and sorry for my bad english^^

Thanks for confirming. I've reported the issue.

(Your English is fine).

thanx so much and really a great community.
this site helps me so much with my mixing skills.
i´m happy to be here.

greetz andre
Hi All,

Thanks for letting me know about this. This does occasionally happen -- something strange that goes on between one of my servers and Cloudflare, I think. However, whatever it is, I've now migrated that one to a different server and it should work fine now. If you notice any other ZIPs doing this, just let me know and I'll investigate those too. It's an ongoing task... Smile


Mike S.
(11-10-2020, 03:03 PM)Andre Zickerick Wrote: it show me the same.

thanx for your help and sorry for my bad english^^
As an American I will also apologize for my bad English. But never apologize for such a thing. I'm sure you speak more languages than I could. There is no real clear way to talk about music. In fact I've found non native speakers to be sometimes more eloquent than people who speak the language when it comes to talking about music. So don't worry. We all know this is a multicultural forum, which is what makes it great, and we don't really judge grammar or syntax.