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Jules King - "Never Stop" | Mastering
Big Grin Hi there!

Here's my master of "Never Stop." Optimized for streaming and dynamics, as much possible.

I like this song a lot! I didn't think of doing a lot except for reinforcing the low end a bit and lift it with air and make that vocal "speak" more. Essentially, only EQ and compression then limiting was done on it.

Interestingly, this is my first master using actual analog hardware in my chain. This small, old, 2010 desk I had been mixing and recording on at church had this channel strip I know very well. Not of great quality, a tad bit noisy, but usable. It had low saturation and EQ curves I knew in and out.
I feel it had contributed well to the aesthetic of the track by just a bit.

Tell me what you think. Like if the dynamics, tonal balance, and soundstage are doing justice to the song.  Big Grin

.flac    Jules King - Never Stop.flac --  (Download: 24.34 MB)