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Monsieur Perine mix
Here is my mix of the song...that I did over a year ago!
PureMix mix

I know..."Brandon, you didn't attach the song!" Well, I did the song over a year ago and I had a change in computers, so I lost the original file. Sad
But here are some key pointers I took away from this song:
1. If you noticed, there are birds in the background. Use that! It was really cool to automate that and bring that out.
2. The cajon was really bass heavy on my mix. Try to use a HPF.
3. This was recorded outdoors, so you'll hear some background noise. It's up to you to decide if you want to gate it out or not.
4. Keep it simple. I didn't include any "ear candy" mainly becuase it didn't need it.

Hope this helps! Keep mixing! Big Grin