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Pedaling Prince Mix: Uncle Dad - Who I Am
(07-01-2014, 06:17 AM)Olli H Wrote: Your own version is very good. And it show some courage from your side to start to compete with the probably the best male vocal performance in this forum's tracks.

Not really insofar as this recording was never originally meant for public exhibition. I originally did it because I wanted to do a song as a tribute to the people who've had the greatest impact on my life; Uncle Dad's "Who I Am" just happened to be the perfect song thematically to adapt to that purpose. Smile

Honestly, I only mentioned it because after I told Voelund that I'd discarded the original mix project of his "Comfort Lives in Belief" I didn't want him to read this thread and wonder, "Why did he keep the 'Who I Am' project and not mine?" I was actually 100% satisfied with BOTH mixes and, if it wasn't for this special project, I would have discarded them both. Of course, since I DID still have "Who I Am," I decided to create the new mix above based on everyone's advice; I only wish I still had "Comfort Lives in Belief" so I could implement the advice I'm getting on that one, too.

Some of the newer mixes I've done I still have the projects, but these two were among my earliest attempts so their original projects were among the ones I purged a few months ago to clear space for newer ones. Pretty soon I'll need to do that again but this time I'll try to find space to keep more in case I want to try implementing advice I get here. Smile

(07-01-2014, 06:17 AM)Olli H Wrote: How about adding some short tape delay or early reflections. Not anything "audible" but something that warms up the space a little bit.

The background vocals are quite disturbing in your version. They should be lined up or something. Now those parts sound as if there's three competing main vocals.

Actually, listening to other people's mixes it's my feeling that the backing vocals are too UNDERSTATED in most of them. I've heard this "up front" harmonizing style before in other country songs and I've always liked it so that's why I went that route, both with the original mix and with my version.

I appreciate the comments on my version but that's a mix I've already put to bed. As I said, it was only originally meant as a tribute version for that aforementioned Christmas CD; it's not like my singing is worth the extra effort. Blush

Now if you have any further suggestions, based on my revised mix of the ORIGINAL above, THAT I would be willing to keep working on. Wink

P.S.: Since you mentioned "three" vocals you've obviously noticed the one thing I did differently in my version from Uncle Dad's original (aside from the lyrics, of course). His original mix had only the one backing vocal track. When I was mixing it I kept wishing I could get the guy back into a studio to record his backing vocal a second time so I could double track it like I did here; I often find double tracked backing vocals sound really good if you take the two tracks and pan them hard left and right. Since I was re-doing the backing vocal to match my lyrics, anyway, I decided to do just that. Wink
John A. Ardelli
Pedaling Prince Pictures
Hi John,

nice mix matey.
Only some observation points to your revised version if you like.
Dobro - it'd be nice to hear some ambience decay to emphasise the dobro phrases
Backing vocal- a bit better now but the dynamics are a little too loose
Snare- a bit splashy for my taste ( although I listened to it on a crapy headphones, could it be that? )
Violin- balance it out throughout the different sections of the song

It's only an observation and perhaps a taste issues. The most of all the way I hear the country music. I hope I'm not wrong Wink
Overall not a bad mix.

All the best