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Girls Under Glass - We Feel Alright
Well, I tried to do something with it....

.mp3    Girls Under Glass - We Feel Alright.mp3 --  (Download: 12.24 MB)

I like your mix, man. Very clean. I don't know about the long delay tho b/c I don't get to listen to this genre a lot, just a vague idea how it should sound, but I think it's a bit much and can be more musical. But that is based only on my personal pref. I enjoyed listening to it nevertheless Smile. Cheers!

Thanks for checking it out and commenting.

Yeah I guess the vocal repeats could be a bit much... I just did some cut and paste to another channel.

I felt at the time that there was quite a lot of space in the arrangement between the vocals and that the mix was kind of losing some forward momentum. Maybe I didn't pick the best solution. I thought it worked on some level at the time though I suppose!

I just did a mix of this and immediately thought of adding reverb to two of the "backing vocal" tracks - I think it works.