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The Black Crown "Cage" mix from Japan
I will post for the first time on this site.
I was inspired by your wonderful mix and tried it.
Please try to hear.

.mp3    TheBlackCrown_Cage.mp3 --  (Download: 12 MB)


I had a quick listen to your mix on headphones as it is still a little bit early in the day here.

Sounding pretty good to me, nice job.

I wonder if maybe the snare could maybe come up a touch perhaps? Although I am really no expert on rock drums, so I could be wrong here. I feel the guitar at 4:23 could maybe be a touch louder also perhaps, to bridge between the sections too perhaps? All really minor things though, and just my thoughts after a quick couple of listens.

Really good feel and shape to the mix overall. Yeah, nice first post!

(15-08-2020, 08:47 AM)mikej Wrote: Thank you for yorr comment!
That is a valuable opinion for me.
I will try again based on your opinion.