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Trouble Lining up multitracks
Hi, I'm new to audio engineering.
I'm having trouble lining up the tracks, any tips or trick? I'm using Abletonlive10 currently and takes me hours trying to line up the track before giving up. I'm trying to use FULL preview track as my reference for guiding stuff but some of the track didn't line up properly in the later section when I set it up. Do I have to spend hours lining up tracks before getting to the mixing part? .Huh
I'm not sure I understand. I don't use Ableton so I don't know how that program deals with audio files. These multitracks all start from the same point. In post DAWS it's just importing the files and putting them on separate track and they all instantly line up. As long as each track starts from the same point they should all line up. There are some exceptions for some songs but that's generally the case.

Maybe you have to have the tempo set first in Ableton? This may be more of a question suited for an Ableton forum.
Thank You RoyM for clarifying.

I did some google and found out that Ableton has auto-warp long stuff going on which mess with the stems. Now everything lines up perfectly without having to tinkering multiple tracks!