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cruising the ice
this track appealed because of the ambient nature and the possibilities for good dynamic contrast.

the main work being done here is centered around the really crunchy, fuzzy, out of control guitar stuff. took a lot of focus, experimentation and coffee breaks to figure out how to get those to blend with the rest of the track.

there's some automation in the strings and piano, which back off when the distorted guitars come in, particularly the solo, so that the upper mids wouldn't get too cluttery and fatiguing.

the strings are panned in an attempt to match the samples with the string ensemble, although panned a little more widely to create the illusion of space.

as always, I did my balancing, panning and equalizing with a light touch of compression and tape saturation to glue it all together.

in a fit of creative irresponsibility, I put a stereo expander on the master bus to give the track some more air, limited it to a listenable volume, and used a dynamic expander to tweak the dynamic range. you'd think you could do that just by reducing the limiting, but for some reason, I like the way an expander does the job a little bit better.

any comments and criticisms are helpful for my self education Smile thanks for listening!

.mp3    cruising the ice.mp3 --  (Download: 8.14 MB)

I'm grateful for comments and suggestions. Thank you for listening!
It sounds interesting and well balanced but you are breaking the laws and purpose of masterin.
Nothin after the limiter - period.
I´ll give you it sounds good, but you dont use all the bits this way.
Your max hit is like -11dB and that way you loose a lot of volume and bits.
A simple masterin like givin a bit o highs, maybe locut 30Hz and limitin a dB or 2 is what anyone should restrict themself to if not knowing what it is youre doin and why.
But your mix sounds cool.
Old ears, old gear, little boy inside love music and sounds and my wife, not necessarily in that order
Hahaha I agree with you on all scores. This was one of my first mixes Blush and listening to it having learned a great deal more makes me want to give it another shot. At the time I had a heck of a time with this one but something tells me I can do better, so stay tuned Big Grin and thanks for commenting and listening.
I'm grateful for comments and suggestions. Thank you for listening!