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'Summertime' Mastering
Big Grin  Ok, this is my first practicing mastering on others' material so just put any feedback you may have. Thanks!

But before that, just some context, I had no reference to shoot for so I just went purely with taste on this.
My thought process was to get this track cleaned up first. It's an awesome mix, but there's no level to it yet so I did what I could to improve it without causing harm under an hour.

The processing chain was:
• Track Cleanup
• Double Compression (to get that level from two comps in series)
• EQ (shaped to my liking)
• Stereo widener (just a tad bit, 'cause the panning got boring.)
• EQ again (compensation for the widening)
• Maximizing & Limiting (did it with 2 limiters, each doing shared workload more or less.)
• a little Automation (to put some dynamic movement here and there)
• and of course, the fades and dither

Tell me what you think. Like how the dynamics, tonal balance, and soundstage are doing in this song.  Big Grin

.flac    Bolz & Knecht - Summertime Mastering FINAL.flac --  (Download: 14.59 MB)