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My Mix!
What do you think, guys?
Just the mix.
Hi Metallium - I need to get in the habit of checking the mastering forum for this track - you may get more mix feedback on the mixing forum for this song to be honest.

Anyhow, thanks for mixing our track ! I really liked your balance choices overall - really liked the guitars, vocal treatments, loved the bridge guitar effect etc. I thought it was really strong overall. If you were mixing it for me, I would ask for a couple of changes - recognizing of course that some of this is taste related.

1. Bass guitar. It "felt" a bit prominent to me. A bit of low-mid muddiness and/or perhaps a bit loud in the balance. If I closed my eyes at times, the bass felt like it was at the forefront.
2. Kick guitar - a little too much click for my taste - perhaps a LPF to take some of the high end off of it. It also felt forward in the balance
3. Outro guitar - taste comment - felt a bit dry to me. I would be asking for some more tasteful delays - same treatment as the guitar solo? I am playing the guitars, so I would be a bit fussier in this department anyhow Smile

Thanks again for mixing and sharing our track ! Hope this helps a bit.