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Terania Creek Walking Mix
Hi Ian,

I really enjoyed mixing Thursday Reverie over a year ago.  Here's my take on this very evocative piece.

For mixing notes - I used a number of stereo positioning (widening/panning) plugs to situate some of the mix elements in different ways.  Panning (both auto and touch-envelopes) were used on a number of the sources as well.  The drums were kept fairly strong and central, but I think I did a good job of not letting them get in the way of the rest of the mix.  I enjoyed the bass synth...and let it roam a bit as a result.

Everything is sent (in differing degrees) to an instance of Waves' Chambers (stone room - mics against the wall) as well as the PCM-92 (on a large ambient setting) - all the while keeping the send levels under control so as not to swamp the mix with the reverb treatment.

Hardware used was varied - including Kush/LA4 drum treatment, Kush Fatso was given organ duties, Bart HRK processors (Opto/Tube comp and 582 modules) used on synths and drum overheads, Philips EQ/compression used on bass.  Entire mix processed through Kush Clariphonic EQ (mild additions at "tight" and "shimmer" settings), Speck X-Sum summing, and the RJR mixbuss compressor/EQ (light settings - about -2db of gain reduction and very light EQ).

Mastering done in the box - Waves J-37, AVA Mastering EQ, L-4 Multiband Comp, Waves' TG Mastering Desk, L-6 Limiter
Hopefully it turned out alright - thanks in advance for any feedback offered.

.mp3    Terania Creek Walking MP3.mp3 --  (Download: 7.19 MB)

Here's a second mix - this one preserves about 2-3db more dynamic range. The compression and limiting are a bit more subtle as well - so it's less "hard" than the first mix.  This combination is more my "speed" - as a note.

.mp3    Terania Creek Walking 2 MP3.mp3 --  (Download: 7.19 MB)

@idearden Would love your thoughts on these....:-)

I love your mix. I reckon you have the sound stage much deeper than I managed - I can hear front to back as well as left/right!!

It has come up an absolute treat - I am delighted and impressed.

Thank you for working on this piece. It started as the footsteps of my wife and I on a boardwalk in a national park, and everything else was built around that sample, used percussively!!


ian D
Awesome to hear! I really enjoyed the song, as I love writing more programmatic stuff as well. I was hoping you would get a chance to listen to my shot at it.

Cheers and take care (and stay safe!)