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My attempt at "learning how to fly"
I would appreciate some feedback, thank you.

.mp3    learninghowtoflymix.mp3 --  (Download: 8.4 MB)

I appreciate the moves you made with the mix, but I wish you were a little bit more subtle. You can still achieve the effect without "giving away the trick", so to speak, when you introduce some delay effect or a new element in the mix.
Also, check out the buildup that different elements end up creating. There's a "foggy" quality to your mix because of many frequencies clashing around the 800Hz area, I think. You can't just apply a band filter at the top of the mix, you must go bit by bit and address each instrument accordingly, leaving those that help and carving those that harm. This becomes most apparent in the final chorus when everything is playing.

Anyway, you did a very decent job with a daunting production. Keep it up!
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