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Little Lighter (Wal Mix)
My attempt @ mixing this particularly tight band and great tune. 

Thanks for listening.

.mp3    Little Lighter 1.0.mp3 --  (Download: 9.89 MB)

Something odd from the guitars... I'd go for a more natural approach on them they sound rather boxy in my opinion. I find the vocals sit well in there.... last but not least the bass could come up. bass helps the grove in here. Also check out some of their videos on youtube. They also have this song mixed by Telefunken lab.. that would be your standard studio sound and something to aim for in your mix.
Thanks for taking the time to reply Shul. Much appreciated. I did turn the bass up which did assist in giving a fuller sound although interestingly the bass drops out during the chorus and is replaced by a Juno keyboard. The guitars I didn’t touch thought they sounded fine as they were. Simply not hearing the boxy sound you are referring to.  Anyway cheers mate and thanks again