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Plan Caliente - Mix by Silona
Hey ,

My go at this ... First print.

.mp3    moosmusic mix 1.mp3 --  (Download: 7.03 MB)

Hi Silona,

A very nice use of the arrangement, great presentation of the elements and well fitted to the genre. The percussion sounds punchy and super clean, and the synths work very well. I miss a liitle brightness on the guitars (the ones that come up from time to time, not the rhythm one) and the voice sounds a little too breathy and airy for me. Sometimes a little bit nasal but his voice tone is quite like that and doesn't stand out as bad, just a little too noticeable. You could also dirty up the voice a little bit, and maybe experiment with echoes and a little reverb, since this arrangement is very spacious, and the tone of the lyrics is pretty cheeky
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(24-06-2020, 03:49 PM)silona Wrote: Hey ,

My go at this ... First print.
Hello silona! I really like this mix good balance and a nice tone. Good job!