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Guitar Production Documentation
Do let me know if there is anything you guys want to know more about.
3 guitars were recorded but only 2 of them are used in the original mix.

1. Chapman ML1 Baritone in drop A tuning (stock setup with Ernie ball paradigm strings) **Not used in the original mix
2. PRS SE 277 in drop A tunning (stock setup with D'Addario baritone strings)
3. Fender American Standard Deluxe Telecaster with Shawbuckers in drop C tuning (stock setup with Ernie ball paradigm strings)

The guitar was recorded in stereo through two Katana 2x12 guitar amp miked with AKG C414 & Royer R121 slightly off-axis to the center of the left cone. We ran the amp clean and used some pedals pre the guitar amps. Here is the list of pedals used and it's purpose

1. Revv G3 into a Boss GE7- All the distortion sound is from this pedal
2. Strymon Big Sky - All the reverb of the guitar including the intro swell is coming from this pedal
3. BOSS SY1 - Some of the synth sounds you hear in the mix is from this pedal
4. BOSS DD-20 - Some of the delay sounds you hear in the mix are from this pedal
5. Danelectro FAB Chorus - All the intro clean guitar sounds have chorus on them, it all came from this pedal.
6. TC Electronic Spark - This pedal is always 100% on. It is right at the start of the signal chain.
7. KORG Pitch Black Advance - This is the tuner used in this recording

I wanted to post some pictures here but I am just bad at figuring it out. So here are our Instagram links to the photos. Do follow us on Instagram too!


Guitar Setup Picture 1

Short video clip of guitar recording


Pedal Board Setup