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Alana Blanton - Rachel (Arturo Sallas Mix)
Hello everyone, here's my mix of the multitrack.
I used Pro Tools 12 as DAW with some Waves plugins. I recently got a TC Electronics Finalizer and I'm testing it also.
After listening to the raw tracks I decided that the second Bass track and the line Ukulele didn't contribute much to the mix so I didn't use them. I put a doubler on the ukulele to give it some stereo image as well as some reverb, same process with the vocals. Also in the vocals I'm using the Finalizer, but just for the eq and compression. The strings were processed individually and then into a Stereo Bus where I did some multiband compressing just to control some frequencies that summed in some parts.
At the end on the master I inserted a SSL Comp and again the Finalizer now with all it's functions including stereo imaging enhancement which I think it is superior to any plugin. Let me know what you think. 

Thanks in advance. 
Arturo Sallas.`

.mp3    Alana Blanton - Rachel MIX.mp3 --  (Download: 12.4 MB)