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Human Radio - You Me And The Radio
(17-03-2021, 12:28 AM)Mixinthecloud Wrote: 3.1 is very good. I do like the way your bass sits against the kit. Good definition of all parts throughout the mix. Not crazy about the guitar call and answer and lead guitar character. I think they jump a bit too much and the lead tone is too crisp for the context of the rest of the song. Almost like you tried to hard there. Otherwise this is very well done.

Thanks. Yeah I get what you mean regarding the guitars. You are probably right that I was trying a bit too hard there.

(18-04-2021, 07:56 PM)Pete Hughes Wrote: Powerful kick! Punchy drums overall. Snare reverb could be a little more natural perhaps? I used Mike's gated overheads trick to ass snare sustain my version. Very nice mix overall.
My mix:

Thanks for checking it out and for the comments. Think the weight of the kick there likely comes from the rooms...

It's been a while since I mixed this so I've just given it another quick go out of interest (added mix v4.0), and also to remind myself of the tracks. I'll be sure to check your mix out too.