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pretty challanging arragementwise.
cool song tho.
comments very welcome.

.mp3    AdamBuckley_DragMeDown.mp3 --  (Download: 6.47 MB)

Your drums are rocking, but some extra lows in the heavy guitar mask the low end. I like the space on that first acoustic part. The music isĀ  done well some low end clean up i think is needed. the vocals tho are a mess. a big let down after the powerful start to the song. there is no presence for them no air. the timbre in the singers voice to enhance sounds deleted. then they disappear in the chorus. make the vocals sound good then make the mix work around them. dont get rid of key parts of the vocal to fit under the cymbals turn the cymbals up.

Here is a quick 3am headphone remaster of the tone that i would like to hear for your mix. with the vocals closer to this then balanced with the rest. so they are heard.

.mp3    remaster sample.mp3 --  (Download: 4.04 MB)

The drums are good, but for me the vocal needs to be more up-front, at least on chorus just a bit
Good mix!