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Location Location
My attempt at this one. Thanks for the listen and any input.

.mp3    Location.mp3 --  (Download: 7.23 MB)

To mix or not to mix ... mix!
great sound! I like the sound of the drums! I still have problems with that and I always spend most of my mixing time trying to figure out how to make them sound good!
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Sounds great to me.

If I ever buy me the autotune plugin, this will be the ideal song to test it. Smile
Sounds great Bob Wink !

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Nice, very clean mix. Good job in giving everything the right space.
There is a bit of harshness on the lead vocals at certain moments, on certain words. Good job on the tunning!

Thanks for sharing
Good balance and equalization curve in general. In the chorus part, crash and guitars cover too much the voice
Well balanced mix, nice drum sound. Pretty good overall.