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Summertime - Masterv1
Second master ever, feedback welcome!!
Was actually able to get a .WAV up this time!

.wav    Summertime_Masterv1.wav --  (Download: 27.35 MB)

It sounds great! Your frequency balance sounds like something I would do if I had referenced a bright pop track, really helped that sax speak and shine. I noticed you made sure you cut a bit to control that low-end thump too.
I get that the sax was buried without some high-end boost, but for my liking, that guitar went too bright and that "snare" like thwack went too snappy. This is the first time I've heard of this song, so I reeaaallyy don't know what this should feel and sound like as if I was in the same room if it was performed. When I was listening, I kept thinking of some volume automation on some parts that might benefit from a bit of accent on dynamics.

So what did you do with the track? I'm certainly not a professional engineer but I'm hoping to learn from what you did