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Purple Hat Mob: 'Access Denied'_mix Tommy Marcinek
Angel Angel Angel
This was a great tune to mix! The drums and bass really drive this song so I spent extra time massaging them and got great results. I also wanted the lead vocal very up front in the mix because this song gets busy in there with all the synth and guitars going on, etc. Kept the overall reverb on a short string because too much of it would just mush up this song. Overall, the mix is clear and punchy without being squashed in any way. Used a ping pong delay on the guitar note ringing out right before the crash "on one" as the lead vocal begins. This song was truncated (shortened) by the artist as the preview mix included with the tracks was indeed much shorter. Since they did that, I assumed they wanted to cut out that extended instrumental section in the beginning. Did some cross fading and got a good result and a similar song in the end. :-)  I hope you like it.
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.mp3    AccessDenied_7M.mp3 --  (Download: 8.7 MB) - Tommy Marcinek