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BHTATM-Hey Delilah!
What a FUN song to mix! I'm partial, though. BeenĀ  a live soundman until recently, when the home studio became feasible. Thanks for letting me share my mix with you.

.mp3    BHTATM-Hey Delilah-05-04-2020-44.1k.mp3 --  (Download: 13.51 MB)

Hey. Currently my world is falling down around me. So I may be more prickly than usually. And I can be prickly.

I have to say tonally it works fine from the lows to highs. But it does also feel really boring. I'm realizing on the second listen through that I don't hear any cymbals. I'm assuming it's the track. And what makes it a slog isn't your fault. But this song needs help. The double time section does pick things up a bit. But I'm dying for a crash cymbal that isn't there. This feels personal now. Oh wait there's one. I'll listen again.

It needs more high end. No. Just arrangement wise. It's not the mix but the song. Huh. It's interesting. I want more but keep realizing that it's not there. Maybe the vocal could be clearer? I dunno. I know this is not helpful but fascinating. Yeah, maybe the vocal needs to catch me more. Sonically I have no real complaints. Nothing bothers me but I'm not pulled in. Maybe I'm being Socratic. That's my obtuse reaction as a listener. You tell me.

Anyhoo, I've had a bad day. I'mma listen some Smiths and have some vodka.

Edit: Listening again. Some delay effects on the guitars could add some movement and urgency and 'speed up' the tempo. Something to add some subliminal rhythm. The organ fills could come up at times. Maybe more automation/rides overall to fill in the spots after the vocals. Again, tonally it sounds really good, but also safe. This song needs help.