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Java Jive Song 3
It seems to me they weren’t quite ready. The engineer started recording after the song had begun and the piano player didn’t come in until later. There’s the trouble on one of the mandolin mics Mike Senior mentioned. I think the booth door may have opened on the piano in one spot too. Kind of a nice little song anyway. Here are the main things I did:

Edited start and stop points
Made a breakdown/build in the spot around 2:00 where I thought they lost focus
Copied the piano to the first part of the song & adjusted timing
Dropped tracks 7 & 12
Multed the dobro and mandolin tracks
Per Mike Senior’s suggestions I used a transient shaper on the dobro & mandolin, parallel compression on the mandolin and a 478Hz dip on the snare. I still didn’t like the snare sound.
High pass filtered the overheads, added other EQ, compression, light reverb and volume automation in 30-40 places.