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Eddie Garrido: 'Scarlett' (critiques pls)
Hey guys,

here is my mix. Pretty good sounds and arrangment in this one, hope you enjoy.

Lukas Angel

.mp3    EddieGarrido_Scarlett_v1.mp3 --  (Download: 8.28 MB)

Very Low
Hi Lukas  Smile
I have to agree with Txory, it is a bit heavy on lows.  This is certainly due to the bass guitar which is a simple preset from the keyboard and which has too many sub bass and it is very easy to overdo it with such a sound. Confused
All in all, a nice mix Smile
I think the balance is perfect for the genre. People are too used to listening to amateur mixes. I absolutely love the interaction between the bass and the kick. Maybe just compress the bass a little to hide away the sustain? If I had to address something, that would be the little excess of harshness it has. Make it more soft and silky.
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