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DLTDTYM by Jackie Greene
Hello. As an old live sound guy, this tune really appealed to me. I thought it was a great recording, although I only used the FOH mics for the crowd at the end. Took some time to edit out enough bleed to avoid the dreaded "wash."
Thank you for your comments,

.mp3    Jackie Greene-DLTDTYM-Mixed by Bill LaChance-04-16-2020.mp3 --  (Download: 14.56 MB)

I feel like you'd like Telefunken live tracks in general.

I miss the center through the intro between the two guitars. Maybe a sneaky mono reverb. Something to triangulate everything.

When the vocal/band comes in it feels good. More bass guitar would help. Yeah, As the song goes on that's all I'm really missing. Some chest thump. Even on earbuds. More lows in the kick as well at least at the bridge where the bass falls out. I want to feel it more. I think especially because it's a live recording.

More solo. It's just... over there. Let it shine.

Yeah, sounds great. I want more low-end overall. The bass guitar level seems fine on a second listen (a good sign!) but yeah I just need to feel the song more.

Good job.

Hi Bill

I'd like a bit more definition in the kick
Does the snare sound odd?
The bass feels weak.
There's something about the panning. Obviously you want space for the vocal to shine. However, here it feels like a huge void in the middle, does that make sense?
The guitar solo feels a bit distant. Maybe think of it as sort of a lead vocal replacement?
Speaking of lead vocal, VERY nice vocal treatment. Sounds great.

In general, the live-feeling isn't there. As RoyM says, you need to feel it more.
I have a Polish friend, who is a sound engineer. Oh, and a Czech one too.