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My Mix of the Glass
Hello guys,

I found it difficult to mix the kick in this one. I don't know why. It seems that I managed to make it with a multiband compressor on the mixbus.

As always it is only a mix. There is no mastering so if one you guys wants to master it, feel free to ask.

With this song I understood something very important: the pan on the drums. I used to open pan on OH 100/100 and HH at 50 or 60. One this one the OH is 60/60 and the HH is 30. The drums bus is 70/70.

For the rest of the instrument, I expand the stereo on the piano because it was the only solution I found to find its place in the mix.
The others instrument bus are all paned 80/80 or 70/70 to make more room for the piano on the side.

I also used multiband compressor sidechain between the electronic guitar and the piano to lower the lowmid on the piano.

The voice was dealt casually: a low medium reverb, a slap delay, a parallel comp.
I spent a lot of time on the compression of the voice. There is 2 compressor on the lead track and one on the vox bus.

I realize my mix are never very extravagant or original. I just try to make as neutral as possible and to make room for all instrument.
But it is also probably because I lack creativity.

Well let me know if you liked it.

See you.

.mp3    The Glass.mp3 --  (Download: 8.62 MB)