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Hi Everyone,
Here is my Thanksgiving weekend mix of Immaculate. I had a lot of trouble choosing/balancing mics with so many options available and fought the urge to clean up the rhythmic swings in some places (where I felt that they pulled against the music). This is the first time I tried going back and forth between stereo and mono and trying to strike a happy balance between the two, so please let me know what you think (I find that some of the sound that I arrive at plays well in stereo, but doesn't translate as well to mono, which is leading me to re-evaluate some of my methods - any tips would be appreciated). Thanks for listening, and as always: comments/criticisms are encouraged, welcomed, and appreciated.

.mp3    Immaculate 12-2-13.mp3 --  (Download: 5.69 MB)

I enjoyed this very much. I like your smooth, laid back approach to this mix.

I think the mix balances very well. If i could say anything i would be that the vocals sound a bit dry and maybe you could bring the kick-drum up a bit to support the bass guitar. Also, watch out for bottom end rumble on the floor tom.

Good job

I agree with the above.... clearing out some of the lower frequencies on the main vocal would certainly help it with clarity... i did find the drums wash out a little in places but the toms remain constant level wise.... i found it worth gating and expanding the toms too... might be worth compressing the whole kit a little more to give it a bit more consistency dynamics wise....possibly pull some 125-250hz out of the bass to make it a touch less muddy too..... just mho Big Grin
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