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Perpetual Escape - Sin Six
This is my mix of this song.Because the lead guitar and the vocals are both on at the same time,it gave me a bit of trouble at first as I found the lead or the vocals would outshine the other too much depending on how I EQ'ed them so I decided to try some sidechain compression and it worked out well and they both co-exist without stepping on each other too much.

Feedback welcome!

.mp3    PerpetualEscape_SinSix.mp3 --  (Download: 7.58 MB)

I feel that the general tonality could be more open sounding. Would try hi-passing some instruments and filtering out some low-mids.
The vocals could benefit from automation in different sections. For example in the first verse is difficult to hear the lead vocal.
Also it would be nice to pan the guitars in order to have a wider stereo image.
Of course that's just my opinion! Smile