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You don't know

my try on this nice tune, it's call V2 but the first version wasn't really good and was more of a export for me to listen outside of my daw. This version shouldn't be to bad although I think there's still some work to do... But I'll be happy to have some comment and your opinion on it yet Smile

.mp3    V2.mp3 --  (Download: 7.36 MB)

Hi Chewi! Nice atempt, nothing really pokes out unless a bit esses from vox compared to all other dynamics so thats a good start. I think this mix vould benefit alot to gain some dynamics/transients to make it a bit more driving. Since there are no drums i think you did a nice move to still keep the transients in the guitars to drive it. It feels very mono for being country as others mention regarding this genre. If you eq the individual panned elements you will also gain some with, an easier way of gaining side information. What you also could do is eq around 1000-3000hz in midside on masterchannel (only in sidechannels then, duh). The left channel feels a bit lowe in volume since the guitar is quite smacky in the highend and theres not much in that channel there really. Other then that its an ok mix, nothing is destroyed. Maybe some more balsy move reverbwhise or some creativity could make the mix more intressting instead of "flat".


thanks a lot for your feedback, here's a new version taking notice of your comments.
I tried to increased my pan to add some wideness, re pan the violin to the left so that it fits the pacement in the room mic and it balance the guitar, I think this correct the fact you pointed out that the left channel felt low in volume. Tried to set the mandoline volume better too but I find this instrument hard to set to a volume that feels really right.
I tried your eq on the side on the masterchannel, I'm not completely convince yet but I think the results are interesting... I'm not using the mid/sid EQ setting very often, I might need to try that a little more.
And last no real change in my reverb setting because for this kind of music and in my work in general I'm more looking for creating a natural and credible space with reverb than some really creative setting that won't sound natural...Smile

.mp3    V3.mp3 --  (Download: 7.36 MB)

Smile Thanks a lot for Smile