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First Remix - Leaf - Wicked - Feedback appreciated!
Hi all,

First mix here. I've been learning how to mix for about a year now and it's been fun. Hoping eventually in the future to be able to mix half-decent demos for some friends and musicians.

The goal for this first draft mix was to control the dynamics and place all the tracks at the right volume.

I'm thinking for the next version to work on the lead vocals and backgrounds -- I'm not great at reverb or anything and probably should learn how to process vocals better. Things don't seem to groove well going into the last chorus/outro (2:30 mark) which I think could use some improvement too.

Also, I didn't use a reference track for this so I want to find something I could use as a template and mix towards.

Any feedback is appreciated. First time sharing any mixes so I'm wide-open to some honest criticism.


.mp3    Orsi Remix - Leaf - Wicked.1.mp3 --  (Download: 7.28 MB)

Less compression and hi-hats (loud Hi-Hats cause of compressor(try to keep HH in lower volume than crashes etc.)) and you'll be well ahead of many people.