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Would cha give ma some feedback? <3
Hi fellow mix masters,

wanted to share my mix with you. At this point I'm preatty confident about it. Rechecked it on different systems and compared it to Mike Seniors mix.

Started by downloading the demo of that song to have a reference (you can find it on the SOS website). Then I looked for other references. This became a difficult task for me, because I'm new to that genre. Later I used Bob Marley and Althea & Donna as references. So the old school raggea stuff. Altough my mix ended up beeing more modern Big Grin

Cleared up fair a bit. Took some more time on the bass. I have to say that at this point the mix is still preatty static (TBO I didn't put much effort in that). Also I got the feeling that it's not as full-bodied as Seniors mix. Probably I should have played around more with the vocal echo. But still I'm happy with my mix and master.

So what do you think? Let me know down below Smile
Have a great day
Max Händel from Leipzig, Germany

Software used:
Presonus Studio One
Waves Silver Bundle
Fabfilter Plugins
Soundtoys SieQ, Echoboy
Kush AR-1

.mp3    2020-03-11 Arise – Run Run Run.mp3 --  (Download: 8.48 MB)

For me it's too much bass but I like color and compression of your mix Smile
Please check out mine and give me some feedback.
Muy buena!! Excelente visión!!