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Must be Voodoo Alexander mix
Hi! My version Must be Voodoo. I will be glad to hear your assessments and criticism Blush

.mp3    WestendBlend_MustbeVoodoo:Alexandermix.mp3 --  (Download: 14.59 MB)

Just going through and giving quick listens. When the band fully comes in, I like the energy. I like the tone of the guitar on the right though it might be a little bright and could come back a bit. It gets in the way of the vocal at times. The bass guitar is a little too 'fat' and I think could use more definition. I'm not sure about the low end in general on this on but on earbuds it's hard to tell. The noise in the intro is a little distracting. The horns could come up for extra dynamics. Especially the Trumpet solo. I feel like i'm hearing an overall mix compressor keeping things in check. My gut makes me wonder if it's being affected by the kick/bass/low end but I'm not sure. Vocal sounds good but like said takes a backseat to the riff guitar.

Sounds good and I think the mix helps give the song some energy it needs. The biggest offender is that guitar. Everything else is relatively minor. It needs some tweak but it works.
I only have earbuds to listen and mix with at the moment. Take everything I say with a grain of salt.
Mix the song, not the tracks (<-pithy)
Thanks! I'll take all your comments into account