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first mix with new monitors need opinions
hi, i mix the track with 5" tascamĀ“s so i go blind on the low end.
listen to opinions. thanks

.mp3    mix1.mp3 --  (Download: 4.4 MB)


I just listen to your mix, I think this sounds good !! Unsurprisingly I think there's a little too much bass but I don't think that the bass is masking any other instrument so this is a good news Smile
More of an issue for me is your reverb on the choir voices, I think that the reverb is a bit too long and not really beautiful ( maybe too much of high mid... I'm not sure of that but therre's something that bothers me in it...).

On a more positive note I'm really fan of your violin, I don't know how you manage that but the violin is really present and as a nice sound Smile
Anyway this is a really good mix and really pleasant to listen to...