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Nerve 9 - Pray For The Rain
Here is my mix ... hope you like it ...

.m4a    Nerve 9 - Pray For The Rain.m4a --  (Download: 9.21 MB)

Hi Jorndyt

Thanks for mixing our track - I just had a listen through to your mix. I can offer a few observations
- liked your treatment of the intro guitar - nice
- kick feels out of balance - either a bit hot or low end a bit too much - it takes the listener's attention
- I am liking your treatment of the guitars in general - I am the guitar player, so +++ to you
- lead vocal sounds nice - so do the BVs. Maybe a little high on the male ones.
- first lead guitar part - a bit buried - the rhythm guitars are more prominent. Some automation/level stuff here.
- the third chorus doesn't have as much impact coming is as it could. The bridge sounds great - perhaps bringing the level of that down overall would help increase dynamics/impact when chorus 3 hits
- lead guitar outro - drums do dominate a bit vs. lead part etc. It corrects itself a bit when all instruments are in

Nice job overall - hope some of this is helpful, and I do realize some of it is subjective. Thanks again for sharing !

Hi Thomas
Thanks for your feedback, i will take a look at your suggestions
Here my mix2 ... some small chances ...

.m4a    Nerve9 - Pray For The Rain (mix2).m4a --  (Download: 9.37 MB)

And ... little more changes ... so here mix 3

.m4a    Nerve 9 - Pray For The Rain.m4a --  (Download: 9.64 MB)

A little saturation on drums and bass, and fine-tuned vocal effects
My mix4

.m4a    Nerve 9 - Pray For The Rain.m4a --  (Download: 9.61 MB)