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West End Blend 'Must Be Voodoo'
Must Be Voodoo!

.mp3    West End Blend - Must Be Voodoo_Full.mp3 --  (Download: 14.5 MB)

Just gave it a quick listen. It could use more organ at the top. The snare is a bit too deep and takes up a lot of lower midrange energy that seems to push everything out of the way. It just feels a little too big especially when he digs in. I think if it were thinned out just a bit and had more reverb it would help move the song better. It feels a little stiff. I think the horns in the verse could come back and give more room to the vocal.

I think that's it. It sounds really good and has good energy.
I only have earbuds to listen and mix with at the moment. Take everything I say with a grain of salt.
Mix the song, not the tracks (<-pithy)