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Lyndsey Ollard - Catching Up
At first I really wanted to use more than one of the vocals takes but they were too out of sync and no matter what I did, it would just sound bad so in the end,I just used the one vocal track and the backing vocals.

Feedback wanted!

.mp3    LyndseyOllard_CatchingUp.mp3 --  (Download: 3.32 MB)


I think you've uploaded a 128 kbps mp3. It would be better if you could upload 320 kbps I think.

Regarding the vocal takes - did you check out the accompanying magazine article? The multiple vocal takes given is an opportunity to practice putting together your own vocal comp should you wish to give it a try.

For me this track is all about the vocals and space, with good supporting musicians. It's been a while since I tried mixing this track myself, but I recall there were a few extra parts and fills included in the session as well, so a lot to sort out to create your arrangement and mix.

Of course, it depends on your taste and what you are going for, but I find your vocals to be too unnattural - a bit too forward and over processed somehow. Not sure what processing you applied to the vocal, but it sounds to me like too much of the wrong reverb and perhaps widening or something? The mix also sounds quite distorted to me from the 1:05 minute mark on. Might be the low bitrate, or maybe hitting a limiter too hard across the mix?

Not sure if you are looking for suggestions, but if you were to give it another go I would perhaps dial back the effects and try to get a good volume balance, then go from there with a bit of eq and automation, and a touch complimentary reverb.

Aside from the vocals, and distortion issues, the arrangment and balance of your mix doesn't sound too far off to be honest.

Could be the low bit rate, but I also have a feeling you might be monitoring at too quiet a level perhaps? It's strange, but it kind of sounds ok at a quiet level, but falls apart if you turn up the volume a touch.

Hope this helps.

Of course you are free to check out my go at this to see where I am coming from, and to check whether you agree with me or not Big Grin.

Good luck!

Thanks for your feedback,I went back and checked and I did export 128 kpbs mp3 instead of the 320(oops).This time I was a bit more subtle with the reverb and I put together my own vocal comp.For the chorus and bridge,I also used 2 of the takes to make the vocals sound thicker and sort of used the second take like a backing vocal.

Let me know what you think!

Thanks Smile

.mp3    LyndseyOllard_CatchingUp_V2.mp3 --  (Download: 8.33 MB)


Much better, a pretty good effort there. I like the vocal comp, and I think the vocal double for the chorus works really well. Yeah a clever idea I think. The reverb level is ok, but it might be making things a bit too bright for me perhaps I feel. It's just about ok at lower volumes but I think it's a touch too bright at higher volume levels. It might be worth experimenting with an eq before the reverb perhaps? Something like a lowpass filter at around 4k? or so perhaps, just to set it in the mix. Oh, and maybe a little high pass to taste. For me putting the eq before the reverb seems to work much better than putting it after. Of course it could be my ears are a bit tired this evening also, but might be worth trying the eq on the reverb anyway. Certainy would be interested to hear what you think.