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Corine Corina
Hello everyone
First upload here. Please have my mix of this song.

.mp3    Corine-Corina.mp3 --  (Download: 6.3 MB)

Very well!
(02-03-2020, 04:07 AM)Serysol Wrote: Very well!

Glad you like it!
Although level is not low, please turn up your volume to listen better, there isn't any
limiting applied at the mix.
I decided to find some songs I may like to mix. While this was not in my genre, I love brass so gave a listen. No idea what the raw tracks sound like but your mix to my ears is superb! It was lively, exciting and authentically "real". Not enough words to convey how great this mix is to me. This is pro all the way.
Hello Graig

Many thanks for the comments!
Nice mix

Since everyone else is telling you how awesome you are - they're not wrong - I thought I'd give a more critical take

The ride cymbal sizzles just a little too much and can be very tiring at a loud volume - I notice the same thing after I submitted my mix - that bad boy needs taming

I think your vocals are mixed a little low especially considering the genre and how they really make the song

There's something funny going on with the claps - they seem to be delayed or out of sync in each channel giving a kind of flam sound - or maybe I'm just going crazy - it's kinda late here

Otherwise it's a solid mix - really nice work
Hello Mr_cup
Thanks for your commnets.
Nothing weird with the claps or out of sync (?), band members are clapping in the verses while not playing and the panning I made spreads that
quite nicely and very natural sounding.
What really needs taming with the cymbals are a few peaks after minute 2:00 when the band is really blowing it, especially that one at exactly 2:20...
Vocal is sitting quite well I think but if I was the singer, I maybe would ask a tiny bit of lows and a short echo or slap just to make it impress more... (without having to move the fader up...)
Well now..., here are my comments on my own mix...! SmileSmile