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Notes About the Multitrack
Hey everyone!

I'm sure you've figured it out by my username, but I'm Robert, and I wrote and recorded 'The Elephant.' I originally did it as a one month, on song challenge in 2017, where I announced on Facebook that it would be coming out in a month's time.

So, everything was recorded in my home studio in Presonus Studio One (Ver. 3 at the time) with some pretty affordable mics. My interface at the time was a single Presonus FireStudio Project. I mapped out the scratch track for the song using the drum loops and synths built into Studio One, and built the song out from there.

The drums were recorded with 7 mics.
2 Overheads - Samson C02 Pencils
Snare Top and Bottom - Shure SM57s
Kick In - Samson QKick
Kick Out - MXL 770 with a low pass roll off
2 Toms - Samson QToms

The Bass and Guitars were all recorded direct. Bass into an instrument input, doubled and run through the Waves GTR Cab plugin. The guitars were recorded through a Line6 amp head(I can't remember the model, sorryUndecided) and then direct.

The synths and the keys were all done with Pressence, Studio One's built in synth instrument plugin, and heavy processing done mostly with stock plugins.

My vocals were recorded through a Blue Spark microphone (which has become my go to for vocals).

That's about it! I had a blast making this track! Thanks to Mike for uploading it to the library.

Also, the drummer on this track is one of my good friends Cameron Alidor. He's a fantastic musician and he makes some really great educational materials for drummers. You can check him out here:

Also Also, the guitarist on this track was a college friend of mine names Steven Reed Gilmore. He's a great engineer in his own right and he's in a fantastic local band called Sloth Racer. You can check them out here:

Happy Mixing! I'll try to listen and give feedback on as many mixes as I can Smile.

- Robert
Nice to see you on board Robert. I had a lot of fun mixing this as the recorded material had a lot of character. Having listened to quite a few mixes I am surprised at how similar they are. Not sure what that says, but I think it is interesting. Again welcome and thanks to you and Mike for the tracks.
PreSonus Studio One DAW
on Remote Desktop Server with Dante (ask for details)
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