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Szárad a száj
First mix i have done in ages so not all that

.mp3    Szárad a száj.mp3 --  (Download: 7.96 MB)

Thank you for letting us listen! Here are some thoughts:

- the snare, specifically the rimcklicks and hi-hat sound a bit muffled, like there's an EQ or compressor that ducks these mid frequencies over the whole mix.
- The fiddle is gone? Don't know if intentional.
- Bass drum sounds a bit loud and has stark dynamics, especially in the beginning meaning some of the kicks sound much louder than others. Maybe not a problem if it wasn't so loud overall.
- Otherwise the balance isn't totally off and it's a very listanable mix already.
Cheers mate,i didn't really put too much effort into this at all as i was just playing around really and haven't been mixing hardly for months and very rusty but at least you say its listenable so thats a start
The balances are overall ok except for things seeming quite dead and lacking cohesion. Drums need to have more snare and room focus, but otherwise the stereo image is solid but could use more spread.

I would focus more on getting static balances if I were you and letting the dynamics of the song drive itself, but highlighting the couple violin/sax etudes/harmonies and having that guitar solo really shine through.