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Chalga: 'Szárad A Száj' Lennis Mix
Here's my mix. I only worked on this today and didn't use a reference song, so I mixed this by going with my gut feeling moreso than usual. I tried to preserve the acoustic feeling of the song and didn't use many fx apart from some reverb on a few tracks.

.mp3    Lennis Mix Chalga Szárad A Száj\'.mp3 --  (Download: 7.92 MB)

I like how fresh and crisp the drums sound, however, the vocals are too low in volume and need more focus. Stereo image is great though, and everything else seems nicely balanced with exception tot he 2 violin parts that end up fighting with each other a bit. Nice overall dynamics though, definitely not a song you want to brick wall.
good balance i like how you keep original sound very good ,
hard to distinguish sax to violin in most the time .
love the dynamic well done
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