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My first mix on REAPER
Good friends,
I hope you enjoy and can give feedback on my first mix on REAPER.
It was done only with REAPER plugins.

best regards

.mp3    Master_Reaper.mp3 --  (Download: 13.91 MB)

Hello Txory! I'm not an expert mixing, but I enjoyed a lot your mix!

I want to tell you that there is a special effect (I think that is maybe in the mastering time) that is making to shake my head with this Drums+Guitar panning rhythm (in a Good way).
This effect is also making the trumpets to be like in a Tape-Good sound for me.

Super clear voices between all the instruments, everything sounds balanced for me. And cymbals in all the sound scene make it so entertaining.

(Im not the autor and I'm still learning), but I enjoyed it.

Big Grin
thanks for you feedback