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Albert Kader: 'Ubiquitous'_mix
Please listen!

.mp3    AlbertKader_Ubiquitous_Full_mix.mp3 --  (Download: 15.85 MB)

(25-01-2020, 04:43 AM)Satoshi Hashimto Wrote: Please listen!
Too much sub/bass.  See attached pic for visual.  

On the bass track, try a 18/Oct db low-cut filter to get rid of the extreme lows and maybe notch out a little at around 135/149 Hz?   Lower its channel's fader a bit in the mix.  

You might also want to experiment with side-chaining the bassline to the kick for extra space, punch and groove.

Once the low end has been cleaned up, the other elements in the mix will be easier to hear/work on.  

Keep it up - you'll get there!